Friday, November 30, 2007

Importance of THANK YOU

Thank you MOM for giving me birth and letting me come into this world.

Thank you DAD for giving me a name and the things for me to grow.

Thank you Family for all the support.

Thank you friends for all the days you have been with me,sharing all the moments and more over bearing me... lol :-).

Thank you the Divine Eternity Swami Vivekananda for being an alerter or lets say a motivator for me always.

Thank you GOD(if there exists one) for giving me something called LIFE and making me to live that LIFE.

Don't think i am practising the word THANK YOU......

It's just i have learnt the importnace of the THANKYOU........

Oh.......i forgot to thank.....America...

THANK YOU America ,because on the eve of THANKSGIVING DAY.....i came to know the importance of THANKYOU......

Its very good to be thankful to someone.

On the eve of the Thanks Giving day....i got a mail from one of my family member which says
" We are thankful to some strangers who help us in something,lets say if we ask time or anything.... We will be thankful to lot of starangers for simple things.But we forget to be thankful to the people nearest and dearest.When you want to be thankful,may be you will be missing the person i.e may be is in such a distance that you can't be thanful. "

I questioned myself "How many times i have been thankful to my MOM or DAD or my family...or friends.........?

Then there came an answer in my mind ......"Arey Idiot they are your near and dear ones saying a THANKYOU are making them strangers....and creating distance....."

Is that so.......??

So is there any law/statement that we should be thankful only, to some one we dont know.....and not be thankful to our near and dear one....

I don't think so.......I think We need to be more thankful to our dearest people.

I don't mean just saying THANKYOU.....for being thankful. It is much more than that.

I know no one expects something in return.But it's our minimum courtesy to recognize the importance of the things they have done to us. It even boosts them when we recognize what they have done to us.

Anyway i came to know the importance of being THANKFUL.......and it's giving me results.......

You know what are the results......???????????


What else do we want......???

I am HAPPY.........

Finally.....see how lazy i became, i should have written this on the eve of Thanks Giving DAY......but i became such lazy that i have not opened my diary for a week.......

Come can do it.....come on Cheer up........That is what i say to myself,when i am down. :-)

THANKYOU for letting me share all my views.

Thankyou all for reading this.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Vision

These days my mind is always thinking about INDIA.......

I don't know why ?

May be "We get to know the importance of something,when we are away from it or missing it".

But i am thinking lot about, how i can be able to be a part of making INDIA as developed country. I mean how can i be able to contribute or participate in making INDIA a developed country.

May be i am sick of hearing it as a developing country since the past 20 years when i was born.

I should be able to be a part of the developed INDIA.

In addition all these thoughts boggling my mind.

Today while i was working in the library. I happened to see the books about KARL MARX and MARXISM.

Then suddenly one of my senior came and asked me "How is the JOB?"
I said "i am enjoying it and also i am able to study lot of books ,in the process of doing the job".
I also said "Today i gave a glance to few books on Karl Marx and Marxism"
Then he said " Ohh Marxism"
Then I said " I think the total view of Marxism has changed today.People have changed it to their own benefits".
May be i don't know i mis-interpreted Marxism with Communism....
We talked alot about Communism because i quoted an example saying " Today in India the political parties like CPM,CPI......have totally ignored the real views/ideas of the Communism which gives more emphasis on "Right of EQUALITY".
In Communism there is NO RICH and NO POOR.
All are EQUAL.
Then we talked alot why INDIA is not fairing well.
Then he said "There is lot of problem with the people ruling in INDIA".
Then i said " May be the problem in not in the PEOPLE. The problem is in the SYSTEM".
Then there was a small debate...where he said no the problem is with the people.
I said the problem is with the SYSTEM,we can never change the people.
He says "Now even though i change the system....the people...will not be pleased because they are tuned to the old system and they will make me a scrap goat."
What he said is also true because people are tuned to the screwed system in such a way that they don't want a change.
So i said may be dictatorship for atleast 2 years in India under the able guidance of some good people who are patriotic about INDIA.
I know it's not possible because even...there will be lot of problems proving who is patriotic... I know it will not work.
Anyway after all this discussion , I thought i should be able to do something for my country and be a part of its development
I thought
  • Health
  • Education
  • Employment
are the important basic things that need to be taken care primarily/initially.
So then an idea came in my mind. Why don't i establish a School/college/University and produce leaders,scientists,teachers.......who will drive the future of INDIA.
I hope i will do it one day........
Waiting for that day.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Why is the system like this?

Huhhhh! I am really sick of this system

One of the important reason why INDIA is still a devoloping country and not a developed country is the lame and sucking politics. Sorry to use that language......but it's really paining.So had to use it to express my frustration. I know i can't do anything by getting frustrated.But still i want to express it...

I really can't blame the people. I know i can't change the people.

"We can only change the system,not the people".

It hurts me alot when people change the system to their own benefits ignoring rest of the people.

Today, i really felt bad and helpless when my life is not in my hands.

I donno why? I can't take decisions about myself.

The saddest parts is ,the students who should play vital role in the future of the country are also being influeced by these dirty politics.

Let me quote an example.......

I am right now doing my Masters in Computer Science in Alabama,Huntsville.

We have Student Organization Elections..........

I could see the real nature of people during elections....... They have started breaking India into parts.......into states......... I really don't want to blame the students,but they have come from a system which has the worst politics and that is one of the reason ,why INDIA is still developing and not a developed country.

But it really makes me sad when the most important people who should frame the country are in a bad situation and are not UNITED.

INDIA is said to be a country that has "UNITY IN DIVERSITY".

I don't think so i find it....anywhere.

I questioned myself,saying
"why are you just worrying about it?Why don't you sort it out?"

I got an answer that i am helpless and it is good to be silent in few situations. Otherwise the things get worse and i may end up being a scap-goat.

Atleast at this point of time i don't think so i can handle situations like that..

For that....i should become more determined and stable.....

Hope God gives me that strenght and ability to handle situations like that.

God Bless INDIA and the students......

Sunday, November 18, 2007

How to be Scheduled or Organized...?

I think being Scheduled requires lot of committment.

You know why,everyday i think i need to be in time for the job,but every day i have to rush for the job in the last moment.

Why does this happen?

May be i am not scheduled or organized...

I do keep in mind the things i should do.....but the problem is when it comes to doing those things.....i will be in a rush in the last moment.......

Everyday i say to myself....that "Being Scheduled" will allow you to be in peace of mind and not rush in the last minute......

But GOD please do help me in being Scheduled......

Give me the power of COMMITTMENT to be sheduled and make my life happy or peaceful

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Love......what can we talk about this? I think one should feel it, even.though we talk or write so much.....about it,it will still be incomplete.

Its a great feeling...

Recently i learnt that "The Secret of Happiness is Loving the things you do,not doing the things you Love".

Love can be anything......the love for your job,love for your people,love for God......anything.

But most important thing is "LOVE YOURSELF"

At times i hate myself....i feel guilty of myself.. and in a situation like that i can't do anything.

So it is important that we love ourself.

At each stage of our life we have different perspectives of love.

In our childhood,we have the love for playing,doing crazy things, making fun.....of course crying.

In our teenage,the environment we grow influences us and we try to love our friends,teachers and all the people who influence us. Even we will learn to hate.

In the youth, each has his own idea,we become independent and mostly this is the age where the mind thinks of the opposite gender and gets tempted to it easily.

This is the age most people love and make many memorable moments in their life.

Some feel LOVE is Loss Of Valuable Education.

Some feel it is the one which drives the life.

I don't know how to say it......but to me Love is a great feeling .It is a great possession worth having.

Love is a part of life,but not the life.

But it is the most important part of life without which life is not at all a life................

So everyone should feel the love.

I even heard that as the age keeps on ceases. But i don't think so ,it should be the other way. It should still build up.......

Please forgive me if i said anything wrong.........because i have to still

Donno when i will . LOL :-)

Waiting............................for that day.

Monday, November 12, 2007

How to be Quick?

I donno ,today also i screwed up my mid-term exam.......You know why i screwed up my mid-term's not because i don't know the topics/subject. It is just because i can't work fast/Quick.

From my childhood onwards i had the same problem. I know that problem,but never i worked on it...

One of the solution to that may be practice. After all "Practice makes man perfect ".

I hope atleast now i will work on it.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

How to be Active?

Huh !!!! Today i am really tired. Don't know why?.
For few days i am really active/fresh and feel like doing anything,but few other days i feel like why do i have this work?Should i work now.....?
When i really thought/analyzed with my weapon(WHY)
Why am i tired?
I got an answer saying " May be you didn't sleep for enough time yesterday".
Yeah that may be one of the reason.
  • At times we have time to sleep and
  • some other times even though we have time to sleep,we don't feel like sleeping but we will know its consequences while we are working,
  • and few times we don't have time to sleep.

So i questioned myself how to be active in what ever situation it may be?

I got an answer in the form of another question " May be you can't be active every time/Can we be active everytime?"

May be not, we can't be active every time.

So lets try to be active most of the time irrespective of the situation.

What do i mean by active?

Be active both mentally and physically. Both should co-ordinate. Even though if your mind is active and you are physically tired you can't do the work to the maximum extent and i doubt whether mind can be active when we are physically tired??

and it is the other way too....even though you are physically active/fresh you can't do or concentrate on anything if your mind is disturbed and busy....You know one thing most of the times my body will be present at one place and my mind will be thinking about something,lets say roaming somewhere........

What can i do? mind is the one which travels faster than the speed of light.......So it keeps on traveling...with such great speed.....

Do you know what are the consequences if the mind travels at such speed?

We can't concentrate and may be we will mess up the things(the work we are doing). Which quiet often happens to me :-).But to my luck that mess-up can be easily recovered/reverted back.

But what if we are working on something very important/critical if we are not concentrating and our mind is roaming,we will surely mess-up and those critical things can't be done again.

Let me you give you few simple examples of what i am talking about:

Lets take in my context:

While i am working in a library,i need to shelve books according to the order,if i am not concentrating i doubt whether i will keep the books in order or not.But that is a simple situation where i can keep them in order once my mind comes back to me or any other employee working after me will sort it out.

But while i am taking any exam which decides my grades....What if my mind goes for roaming.That's it gone.....i will end up screwing my grades......What if it is the final exam....??Gone.....

So we need to be able to CONCENTRATE in what ever situation we may be.

So to be active we need to co-ordinate our mind and body.

To make the mind active we need to concentrate and i m search of the options "How to concentrate"? Few of the people say meditation ,yoga......I know they give results but i doubt am i really committed to do meditation and yoga everyday? I don't think so. So i am searching for other options which can make me concentrate. Even i got a partial answer saying "If you are clear about what you want to do. you can concentrate?But the mind is very crazy it always wants to think about everything else except what we want to think........hahah :-) .Anyway I am trying to sort that issue out in the coming few days.

To keep the body active. We should rest/relax our body. Take bath,preferably with hot water.Sleep for the required amount of time.(Each has his own time.Some people get active if they have sound sleep for just 1-2 hours.Some may require atleast 6 hrs. Anyway I am even trying to find some options to be even physically active.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Success.......ahaaaa . I love that word.
What is SUCCESS?
It's means different for different people.Each has his own view about that,for me SUCCESS is fulfilling the purpose of my life.
But let me remind you "Success is a journey not a destination".
So anything i do to fulfill the pupose of my life,i am on the path of the success.
I do admit that the path/journey is not so soft and simple. So it all depends on us how we take that path/journey.We will go on with our journey if we are ready/willing to pass the hurdles which come on our way. I think we should pass those hurdles how hard it may be. In this context i get few words in my mind, which are : DETERMINATION and COMMITTMENT.
I think we need to be determined and committed to carry on with our journey in life.
Today i studied a book "Success After 40",while i was shelving the books in the library. I forgot to mention i do love the word Book-Worm because i am also one. :-)
The book was classified into different topics which had 'People who achieved their dreams'
'Success with vision'. 'People who are successful after failure'...and so on.
But as i skimmed through the Contents page of the book. I was interested in the heading. "People who are successful after failure." May be i was interested in that heading because i feel failures are also part of the life and we should be careful about them and i feel ,Success gets its importance because of failures. Because without failures how can one enjoy the importance of success?
and may be the other reason why i was interested in that heading was, i saw the name Henry Ford under that heading,the only name i know ,lets say i m familiar with, out of all the names mentioned in that book was Henry Ford. :-)
I was very much motivated by reading it.
Henry Ford says "People become Old if they stop learning. A person is old even if he is at 20 or 80,if he stops learning. So keep your mind young by learning".
Then i felt i m young because i learned what Henry Ford said :-) Anyway i am still young if we think in terms of age... :-)
So we should keep learning to be young and successful to achieve/fulfill the pupose of life.

Purpose of Life

Ahhhh! Life.....what is this life for? What is the purpose of my Life?

These questions used to boggle my mind everyday. I used to question myself.

I don't say i got the answer but may be i made an attempt to answer those questions or presented my views/thoughts to it.

What were my thoughts to it?

I felt like "Each and everyone in this world is for a purpose".
It's good if we can know the purpose of our life as early as possible.So that we can keep working on it or try to fulfill the purpose of the life.

So i din't actually find the answer to that question exactly but i thought " Life is not just a period between Birth and Death,it's more than that. We can do alot in/with this Life.

So i felt "I should do/achieve something big or purposeful in my life. I should have some Red pages in the book of "Life",so that i can refer back to those pages later and feel happy."

So as of now i am going on with my life,thinking that i can get the answer for that question "What is the purpose of life?. I doubt whether i will get that answer or not.But thinking in that way is making me feel much better and giving me more ideas,may be i will get an answer one day ,Who knows?.

and that may be the last day in my life. :-)

What is this Diary about?

I started this Diary because i felt like i should start it.

Why did i start it?
Few people may think what's this question?If you thought like that you are on the track because you are also questioning :-). Believe it or not most of the time my mind will be revolving around Why,What,How,When,Where, on. Don't think i am skeptical.It's not like that, these questions have helped me alot and i am seeing the results. Anyway this is all out of the answer for that 'Why'.

I started this because i thought every idea that comes into my mind should be recorded or saved.So that i can look back and see if i am forgetting anything ,that should have been done long back or precisely lets say it's all about re-collecting/reminding my ideas and i don't want to forget anything.

Let me make a point about 'Forgetting'. Forgetting is a great gift if we don't want to remember or think about few things again. It will be the otherway if we forget the things we should remember .

So it's more or less like an indicator/alerter.
I heard that Diary is Something private,but i felt i should share my ideas and views so that if i am going wrong,anyone can correct me. But i should mention Swami Vivekananda is my Inspiration and Motivation, and he always corrects me and pats me at my back when ever i am down-in heart or feeling wrong about anything.
When you are inspired you change your thinking,When you are motivated you change your action.

Don't just think that Diary is something you write for your own to look at it again.It also means "Darling I Always Rember You"

So to Remember all these ideas/views/thoughts......or the crazy things my mind thinks of,i started it.
I think i wrote more than what i should/thought to write about this DIARY.
Anyway let me give some hints, lets say "CAUTIONS/WARNINGS"for the people who want to continue reading :
I talk more than what i should talk. So please do take the privilege to decide on what is useful to you people(reading my diary).
Forgive me if i am wrong in any of the views/ideas and don't hesitate to correct me or give your comment/opinion